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Poster: Rickets the Monkey Date: Jul 14, 2011 1:33pm
Forum: web Subject: Re: Don't get rid of the OLD INTERFACE!

Several years? Um, no. Try "months". As recently as last December the notice was not up yet.

In any case, my surprise was not that they were changing the interface; as you said (albeit with much exaggeration) they've mentioned the change for a while. What *did* surprise me was that they *actually* went through with the absurd one-year-at-a-time calendar display. I had expected them to get enough negative feedback about it that they would most likely abandon that idea; I figured they would ultimately stick with something more similar to the old table format, but with more circa-2011 CSS styling, and maybe a few other enhancements (maybe keeping the graph, though not making you select just one year at a time, as they've done).

I mean, seriously-- take the case of a webpage that's been archived just a couple of times per year. Who in their right mind thinks it's useful to have giant empty calendars to scroll through, just to click on some occasional cyan circles. It's just really poorly thought-out user interface design. It's as if they just gave the entire UI design task to a graphic artist, with the end result being something pretty... but pretty inefficient. Attention to aesthetics is all well and good, but this is certainly a case where functionality should come first.

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Poster: DWL Date: Jul 18, 2011 3:13pm
Forum: web Subject: Re: Don't get rid of the OLD INTERFACE!

On the home page it states:

"The classic version of the Wayback Machine is still available at"

However that link now brings up a 404 message. So apparently the classic version is indeed now *gone* - - despite the above statement and link.

Such a shame that users no longer have optional access to that classic version which has served us so well - - which prompts the old adage: "If it ain't broke don't try to fix it."